Monday, November 15, 2010

What's In My Bag: November 2010

Whats In My Bag:  Nov. 2010

What is currently in my bag, November 2010 edition. This was a shot of my purse following an All That Remains concert in Detroit.

Flame Wallet (This wallet has been with me at every concert I've ever gone to. With the exception of two my mom took me two when I was little.) Yellow Wallet, Medication (lingering from when I had wisdom teeth removed last month), beads (forgot I had these in here), random band flier, gas receipt, batteries, lipstick, tums, chapstick, iphone, hand sanitizer, love spell lotion, eyeglass kit, compact, oil absorbing sheets, Concert Ticket, gum, pen, keys, lip gloss, pet perks card and coupons from a local pet store, spare change, red envelope with the red logo (found this in my purse after I bought it. It's a tiny red envelope with a little note inside that reads "Thanks For Showing Love... Enjoy! ♥ Marc", keys, victorias secret coupon card, express coupon card, mini notebook.

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