Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look At All That Snow

While we didn't get as hit as hard as some areas, we still got hit. We had snow ranging anywhere from 5 inches - 3 feet, thanks to the snow drifts yesterday. I spent a good hour outside removing all the snow.

I even spent 15 minutes just to clear out the street in front of our house. I guess I shouldn't of bothered with this, I woke up this morning to find that the plow decided our driveway was a good spot to leave all the snow from the court. I now need to dig myself out just to leave the house. When I called the city to complain, I was told that "I am responsible for the snow on the snowplows blade and removing whatever I may need to".

So the city makes a pile of 3ft x 4ft in my driveway and I am responsible for it, after I spent 15 minutes yesterday clearing out just the street in front of my house, not to mention all the time spent clearing my driveway as well. At least yesterday it was in the upper 30's today it's 10 degrees.

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