Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Ready For The Holidays


The past two days have been keeping me very busy, with shop related things. I've been creating new jewelry, photographing new jewelry, advertising new jewelry, and more! I am currently on a jewelry overload! My shop has had about 15 new pieces added too it the past two days and hopefully I will be able to crank out just a little more over the remainder of the weekend.

Many of my new pieces are also very affordable with the majority being priced under $20.00! I'm hopping I will get a decent amount of sales for the holiday. I'm really looking forward to see what happens with my Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!

Hopefully Dexter will be a good little puppy the rest of the weekend like he was today! I don't need anymore chewed up power cords or lost earrings! Yesterday I was photographing outside on my deck and came in to grab something I had forgot, when I went back out a earring and mysteriously gone missing.

If you haven't noticed, the newest owl pieces are my favorites.


  1. I'm naturally drawn to anything owl. Perhaps the wisdom they represent, or the fact that they were the mascot at my high school. Either way, your pieces are wonderful.


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