Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shop Inspirations

For the etsy bloggers November 19th blog carnival we were asked "What is always inspiring you for your shops, your works, or anything in your life?".  I figured I would answer this aboutwhat inspires my jewelry.

The majority of my designs are inspired by two main things vintage pieces and modern simplicity.  I have always been a fan of modern elements, I believe this is from my job as a graphic designer and web designer. I prefer clean, simple and modern designs. I've also always loved modern designs in variety of other things furniture, buildings and the list goes on. I've also always loved vintage and the way I imagine vintage pieces to tell a story.

When I first started my shop my biggest inspiration was vintage keys. I wondering what were these keys used for, did they unlock a door? Or better yet a secret door? What about a trunk? Box? The idea of what one little key could of unlocked is endless.

Often times my inspiration will come from just seeing something that sparks my interest. You never know what kind of idea will pop into your head when you see something you like. 


  1. Old keys are cool :)
    And you're just never know when or where inspiration will strike!

  2. I can see this inspiration in your work. You have a great shop!


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