Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Geometric Designs

Diamond Drops - Vintage Inspired Dangle Earrings

My Etsy Shop has been updated with 8 new geometric inspired designs. All the new designs are very simple, modern and bold. They each make a statement in there own unique way. Be sure to check them out.

Earlier today prior to photographing all the new jewelry, I spent some time photographing our two dogs (DJ & Dexter) as well as some of the leaves and all the wonderful colors. I put together a stop motion video of all of the pictures. I really wish I had a Digitial SLR camera, this would of turned out so much better... I will have one, one day. Regardless of my crappy camera I did have fun, just wish it saved as better quality.

Stop Motion video below, might take a few seconds to load. If for any reason you have problems loading you can also view it at flickr.

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