Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ideas For Blog Post

The blogging world can be quite the challenging place. I'm finding it more of a challenge to think up interesting topic's then I initially thought. I don't want to get stuck only witting about etsy and my shop. I'd like my blog to be a bit more personable and interesting, then strictly business. So while sitting here trying to think of some creative new topics to post about I figured why not post about not knowing what to post about.

I'm sure I can't be the only person who has trouble's thinking up topics to blog about. Hopefully this post will help others who may sometimes find themselves stuck and lacking idea's for what to blog about.

Theme days are a great way to make sure you always have some sort of content for your readers. Often time's these theme post can be what keeps people coming back to your blog. I currently have theme days for Monday & Fridays. My Monday theme's I have chosen to currently do bi-weekly. My Monday theme is "Monday Colors" for this theme I feature 8 items found on etsy in a rainbow of colors. Mondays are often boring and dull, so what better of a way to kick start the week then with some color. My Friday theme is "The Friday Five", each friday I pick a theme and feature 5 items from etsy sellers that relate to the chosen theme.

While currently my themes are strictly related to etsy this isn't always the case of themed post. Your theme days could be about anything you can imagine. Food Friday? How To Tuesday? Music Monday? The list goes on and on.

While this is something I have yet to do, my mind has already started thinking up ideas for list. Things such as "7 secrets to...", top 10 ways to...", "6 reasons why...", the options for where list can lead are endless. The best thing about this style of blogging is that a list can fit with any subject and you can often uncover some very interesting things.

Often times people may leave questions for you on your blog post, or may ask questions about your shop. These questions can turn into great blog post and give your readers some insight to who you are and to what your shop is about. By tagging these questions with F.A.Q, you can also start a great resource for future readers, current readers and yourself.

While the above three options have sparked my interest the most the ideas for what to blog about are endless. However sometimes we just draw a blank and need a little inspiration. Here are some other great resources for tips on what you can blog about.

Hopefully this post will help some people out. If anyone has anything else they would like to add to this post for way's of thinking up ideas please feel free to leave a comment with them.


  1. Those are great tips! I use theme days and also have a calendar that I schedule out all my blog posts. It really helps me stay focused and I also leave room for improvising when I need to.

  2. here's a question that can make you write about something everyday.

    "what did i do today that i did for the first time in my life?" it's a nice thing to write about. plus! it's nice to wake up everyday thinking of doing something new. :-)

  3. I like informative posts about small business and blog how-tos. Your comments make a lot of sense and will be helpful. Read somewhere, that you should always have links, too. Thanks for the links! ((wink))


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