Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Did You Know?

1). Did you know that March is:

* Irish American Month
* Music in Our Schools Month
* National Craft Month
* National Frozen Food Month
* National Irish American Heritage Month- designated by Congress in 1995.
* National Nutrition Month
* National Peanut Month
* National Women's History Month
* Poetry Month
* Red Cross Month
* Social Workers Month

Which of these means the most to you, why, and how do you celebrate/remember?

To Add to this list March is also, National Nutrition Month, National Kidney Months, National Youth Art Month, National Caffeine Awareness Month, National Flour Month, National Sauce Month, National Noodle Month, Foot Health Month, Greek-American Heritage Month, Steroid Abuse Prevention Month, Poison Prevention Awareness Month, National Umbrella Month, National Optimism Month, National Athletic Training Month, National Childrens Craft Day Month, National Eye Donor Month, Save Your Vision Month, Sports Eye Safety Month & Patients Safety Awareness Month

Who knew that March was so many things? I certainly didn't, makes you wonder what all the months consist of you know? It's amazing that we have national months for things like frozen food, umbrellas, foot health, noodles and sauce to name a few. I can't really say any of these really mean that much to me because I didn't even know most of them existed. I did know about national craft month as well as a few others but nothing I really remembered or participated in.

I definitely like the idea of most of some of these as they hold a purpose. I guess National Craft month would mean the most to me, as it's the only one I really knew about. It's nice to know their is a month dedicated to all the crafters who put so much hard work in what they do. I've heard of many people vowing to do a different craft everyday of the month, which is awesome. Personally I just don't have the time every day to sit down and do this, although it would most certainly be a challenge.


  1. i am most curious about march being national noodle month. what do people do to celebrate or honor noodles?

  2. Too many things have months. Seems to lessen any value of any of them.

  3. Makes you wonder what the other months are celebrating!

  4. Hilarious post! It's true- can you imagine Congress voting on making March National Frozen Food Month? hee hee!


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