Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I started on Etsy

This is a post for the Etsy Bloggers , bi-weekly blog carnival.

My Chosen Question: What made you open a shop on Etsy? What do you like about being a seller on Etsy? What don't you like?

Well I initially meant to start on Etsy a few years ago, I originally made my account in May 2007. That summer I was planning on starting up a shop and getting things going. However, at that point in time I was much to busy with school, taking care of a new house and numerous other things. So it got delayed, and delayed, and delayed, until just one week ago.

Anyways, I decided to start my shop because creating jewelry has always been something I have loved to do. Even when I was very little, I was creating my own jewelry. It's one of my hobbies from when I was young that definitely stuck.

I'm a big fan of believing that one should enjoy their "job". While Etsy may not be my full-time job, it is a part time job. Too many people wake up every morning and go to a job they despise, this is not something I chose to do. By day I work as a graphic & web designer. In my spare time I get to work on jewelry. I definitely cannot complain about either job.

My favorite thing so far about being a seller on etsy is the freedom to do whatever I would like with my shop. I get to create my own logo and banner, I get to create my own policies and of course my own jewelry designs. For me my shop is another creative outlet, and something I am passionate about.

Now when it comes to my least favorite thing, I can't really say what that is yet. My shop has only been open for a week and I have yet to find something I don't like. I suppose I could say lack of sales, but in my first week I already managed to sell one necklace. Which I think is quite good for someone just starting. I could also maybe say all the self promotion, however it's actually been a fun challenge for me. I've enjoyed doing the research and looking for various ways to promote. Overall I honestly do not have any complaints... yet.


  1. Hey! I totally concur with what you are saying! I created my account in Feb 2007.... and due to work commitments I had to put my store on a halt.. now i began crafting again as I have set myself as my new year's resolutions. I am now giving my shop a facelift. Good luck to you!

  2. it seems we have a few things in common :-) i am also a graphic designer. i'm saving your link cos i like your stuff. and will be dropping by from time to time. i like your key pendants. my favorite is the one with the shamrock.

    (i found your link on etsy bloggers message thread on blog carnivals)

  3. Welcome to Etsy! Your blog design is fabulous.


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