Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 Summer Favorites

Port Austin, MI
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Time for another etsyblogger, Blog Carnival Post. This time I'm chosing, Tell us your top five favorite things about summer! (And tell us why, of course!). Which is great, I absolutely love summer. It has always been my favorite season, and probably always will.

1. The Weather: Living in Michigan can get frustrating at time. I suppose it's nice to see all the seasons, but I absolutely despise snow and the cold. As soon as Winter ends and we start getting 60 degree weather the flip flops come out and I forget entirely about spring and just think summer is almost here. I love the hot sunny days of summer.

2. BBQ's: Sure you can BBQ all year round, but other times of the year just don't seem to be quite as fun. Summer we use our grill as much as possible, and for one reason or another everything just seems to taste better once it has been tossed on a grill.

3. Beaches: Ever since I've been little I've always loved the beach. Laying out in the sand, building sandcastles, swimming in the lake/ocean. Beaches are beautiful and such a fun way to spend a summer day.

4.Fresh Fruit & Vegtables: Their isn't anything else quite like growing your own fruits and vegetables. While we don't really have much fruit planted this year we definitely have quite a few veggies. It's always nice when you can go out to your own garden and just grab what you need.

5. Chillin On Our Deck: When we moved into our house a few years ago one of its biggest selling points was the deck in the back. It has a roof over it but is open on all sides. It initialy became our "summer chill" area. Numerous nights are spent out there just hanging out, lot's of memories have been made out there.


  1. Ooo - having an awesome deck would be so cool during the summer! Your very luck :)

  2. ooo...I love those things, too! happy summer!


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