Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Has Sprung


Now that spring has sprung, it's planting time. If you're into gardening, what would your dream garden look like? What flowers/bulbs/herbs would you plant? What about garden doodads or statues?

Last year we cleared out space for a vegetable garden. It ended up being a great garden, we ended up with a bunch of vegetables. Our Tomato plants were the biggest I had seen about 3ft tall each and the stalks on them with thick and strong. I was impressed.

This year I'm hopping to plant more of a variety since last years was smaller and just a test to see how well things would do. I'm hopping to clear out more space and I'm going to also be planting things a bit further apart this year. Last year everything was about a foot apart or more and it still was to close together because the plants got so big.

I haven't really been able to plant flowers yet, we're still working on the landscaping aspect and have nothing but ground cover type plants. (Juniper, Ivy ect.) I can't stand it personally, hopefully this year we will get it all pulled out. Last year we tackled some of the larger bushes this year will be the smaller ones.

As far as decorations go I don't have many. I have a few stones, hanging tea light holders and some chimes. Nothing really overboard for the decorations.

I should be starting on things this week as we have two lovely days cmming up (Hopefully they stay that way).

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